Dear Fellow DuPont Residents,

I'm running for City Council Position No. 7 to provide a refreshing perspective on how we can enrich our community and maintain our family-focused environment. I’m an Air Force veteran, training instructor for power system technicians, singer/songwriter, proud parent, and loving husband. 

As a veteran, my perspective of being on city council is to serve my community in the same way that I served my country--with integrity, proficiency, and self-sacrifice.  As a training instructor, I believe that progress happens when we understand each other and keep an open line of communication.  As an active musician, I understand that art and extracurricular activities can bring neighbors together and provide for a positive outlet for kids, teens, adults, and seniors. 

My goal is to make every effort to find solutions for the concerns of our residents. The council already takes into account the budgetary impact of every issue that comes through city hall, which is very important. But just as important is taking into consideration the impact on the people. I plan to accomplish this by listening to our residents in council and Community Connector meetings, public events, and social networks and taking the necessary action to meet their needs.

I look forward to getting to know everyone in the coming weeks.  Click here to stay connected with me on Facebook.  Please honor me with your support and your vote so that I can begin working for you.


Lawrence Genova